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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

This is the preferred method of carpet cleaning in Indianapolis. Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines can get your carpet as clean as possible and they remove most of the moisture. This means that your carpet will dry in a matter of hours in most cases.

So, does every carpet cleaner use these machines? Nope, because they are expensive. A good truck mounted machine can cost $20,000 or more. Those who care about quality will make the investment however.

But why do truck mounted machines work so well? Power, plain and simple. They have their own gas engine that powers the pump, vacuum and heats the water. This provides a number of benefits, like the ones below.

One: More Heat
More heat allows the carpet cleaning solutions to work better. 200 plus degree heat can power out the toughest of greasy soil.

Two: More Vacuum
The vacuum provided by these machines is considerably stronger. This allows your Indianapolis carpet cleaning technician to remove more moisture and leave you carpet drier.

Three: More Convenience
All of the noisy and smelly equipment stays outside with only two hoses coming into your home. This reduces the noise in your home and keeps all of the smells outside. It also means that there is less humidity in your home which also contrinutes to faster dry times.

Portable Steam Cleaning

But what if you can not use a truck mounted carpet cleaner. This is often the case with high rise apartments or lock in commercial jobs. In these cases, your carpet cleaner would turn to a portable machine.

Portable machines use household current to power the pump and vacuum. In the hands of the right Indianapolis carpet cleaner, they can still do a great job. You will however give up those short dry times because with a portable machine, it might take most of the day for a carpet to dry.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

What if you need your carpet dry super fast, is there an option? You bet, it is called dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning should really be called low moisture cleaning, but you get the point. With dry cleaning, your carpet will be dry in a matter of minutes. Most methods such as encapsulation or bonnet cleaning will be dry in under an hour.